The Team

We are a volunteer run animal welfare organisation which specialises in the rescue of injured, sick, young and trapped pigeons, doves, crows, magpies, jays and jackdaws in and around London and rescues and relocates nests, young birds and eggs when necessary. 


London Wildlife Protection also helps and advises in the rescue of other birds and animals in other areas of the UK.


Our core values are to investigate and increase public awareness of animal abuse, educate the public, protect and promote animal welfare legislation, and offer non-lethal wildlife control. 

What We Do



In addition to rescuing sick and injured birds, we have regular sessions to destring pigeon feet around London. Pigeons often get hair, thread and plastic around their feet.  This tends to cut off blood circulation to their toes or feet which then might get infected or slowly fall off.  This leads to them not being able to perch and are therefore forced to stay on the ground, which can only mean one thing...death.




Freeing trapped birds

Birds can become trapped behind netting, such as in tube stations, under railway bridges or on buildings around us.  If you see birds trapped in this way, please check whether there are any gaps in the netting for the birds to escape, if there are dead birds hanging in the netting, or if the birds seem distressed.


Please look under bridges and other structures with netting - there are often trapped birds. This may occur because the netting has not been put up with sufficient care or is in a state of disrepair.


It is illegal under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act to trap wild birds in this way. It also contravenes the 2006 animal welfare act by causing unnecessary suffering. 


For help and advice call us on 07909 795064.

Humane Deterrents


Effective DIY pigeon deterrents are available which do not harm the birds, and there are reviews of the various pigeon control products.