What to do


Before calling us please:  

  • Ensure bird/animal is moved out of danger
  • Place bird in a closed and ventilated cardboard box(make lots of holes)
  • Place tissues under the bird to help soak any droppings
  • Put bird/animal in a safe place at room temperature 
  • Place a bowl of water for bird/animal to drink to prevent dehydration
  • Do not feed pigeons meat/dairy products
  • Do not squirt water into the mouths of birds or animals; it will make them ill and may kill them

Then Call LWP on 07909 795064



Pigeons mate for life


Hedgehogs are declining in numbers and need our help.

We will be able to direct you to your nearest hedgehog rescue centre and assist where possible.


Useful Contacts

British Hedgehog Preservation Society  

Tel: 01584 890801




Visit British Hedgehog Preservation Society website

Garden Birds


Identifying British Garden Birds