If you find a sick or injured bird, 

please call the emergency helpline

07909 795064 

between 9:00 am and midnight.



Drop-off locations are distributed 

around London.



London Wildlife Protection focuses on wild birds living in London.  We are a volunteer run organisation, and endeavour to provide a rescue service when possible for all trapped, injured, sick or young birds, and also the eggs and nests. Birds will ideally be taken to one of your local LWP helpers.


We are a not for profit organisation and rely solely on donations from the public for provisions of food and medications.

Policy and Service

No Kill

London Wildlife protection runs a strictly no-kill policy with rescued animals.


Rescue service

One of our volunteers will arrange a drop-off location near you for the injured animal. In exceptional cases, we may be able to collect it but, because of the large number of cases we deal with daily, collection is often not feasible.  

London Acoustic Showcase

This Saturday, 20th October, enjoy an evening of acoustic music at the London Improv Theatre in West Kensington. The event will feature eclectic sets from performers


Amy Wawn

Mark Pratt

Tim Brooks

Benjamin Yellowitz


All proceeds are kindly being donated for the construction of a new aviary to house sick and injured birds.




Saturday 23rd June 2018


Tuesday 15th May 2018 2pm


Our volunteer Margaret will gave a 15 minute talk about the workings of LWP, assisted by the slides at the Waltham Forest U3A on 15th May 2018. U3A (University of the Third Age) is a UK movement of retired and semi-retired people who come together to continue their educational, social and creative interests in a friendly and informal environment. 


Margaret was joined by two other London Wildlife Protection volunteers Molga and Sidney. They talked about their experience as a LWP volunteer,  why they are volunteering at the London Wildlife Protection. The aim of the talk was to bust some popular misconceptions, inform people how important wildlife rescue in an urban setting is, and recruit more volunteers.

Saturday 21st April 2018


The fire brigade rescued baby pigeons from under a solar panels where they have been trapped alive and left by the installer company. the birds were left for 3 weeks to suffer,  the company refused to come back and release the pigeons. All sides under the panels were meshed with steel mesh. Two fledglings seen trapped under, they were alive and there was a load of nesting. Parents were hanging around, apparently they have been seen feeding the 2 babies through the mesh. Rachel from Pinetree Small Animal And Bird Rescue managed to find a roofer who helped but the roof was to slippery for him to climb on, so he was limited to what he could do. the fire brigade was called, who were brilliant and managed to release the 2 babies who were fledgling and they flew straight off. They seem well and strong thanks to their parents feeding them. The fire brigade checked the nests and couldn't find any more alive birds or chicks. 

Sunday 22nd April 2018


Perivale Wood is a Local Nature Reserve in West London. It is 27 acres in size, which is mainly ancient oak woodland, with coppiced hazel and swathes of bluebells in the spring. It also has two meadows (5 acres), which are dominated by buttercup and yellow rattle in early summer. Other habitats found within the reserve include hedgerows and ponds, one of which is right next to the new Bluebell Education Centre.


Monday 26th February 2018 


Thank you to everyone who came to Cinzia's truly inspirational talk on 26th February on how to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, part of which can be viewed here


Despite the cold weather, all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, including the vegan food and wine and, in particular, Cinzia's delicious, home-made cornish pasties


For further information about pigeons and the law, please read this 

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981


All wild birds, including pigeons, their nests and eggs, are protected by law and it is an offence, except under licence, to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, to damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird whilst it is in use or being built and to intentionally take or destroy the egg of any wild bird... more


The Animal Welfare Act 2006


The Act makes it a criminal offence to allow a protected animal to suffer unnecessarily. Free-living wild animals are not normally covered by this act but if they are under the control of man, for example trapped in or behind netting, then the legislation applies... more



Mama Cat Trust is a North London based animal rescue working with all animals but mainly cats and foxes.

Kelly's rescues is a small scale, licensed wildlife rescue, but also has considerable knowledge in domestics. Specialises in Budgerigar and Doves. 

CW Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit wildlife rescue organisation, helping make the world around us a better, happier place.

Urban Squirrels is a London-based, licensed squirrel rescue specialising in baby squirrels, and offering an informal rescue consultancy.

Pinetree specialises in unwanted, sick and injured animals. This includes rodents, birds and wildlife. We have links to many other rescues.

If you know of anyone looking to take on a rabbit please encourage them to adopt and not shop.  Our friends at Little Furries Rabbit Rescue can help with advice, set up, bonding and adoption of our little furry friends.