London Rescues Working With LWP

Mama Cat Trust is a North London based animal rescue working with all animals but mainly cats and foxes.

CW Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit wildlife rescue organisation, helping make the world around us a better, happier place.

If you know of anyone looking to take on a rabbit please encourage them to adopt and not shop.  Our friends at Little Furries Rabbit Rescue in NW London can help with advice, set up, bonding and adoption of our little furry friends. More on facebook.

Urban Squirrels is a London-based, licensed squirrel rescue specialising in baby squirrels, and offering an informal rescue consultancy.

Pinetree specialises in unwanted, sick and injured animals. This includes rodents, birds and wildlife. We have links to many other rescues.

Our Friends



Dedicated to all Pigeons. The Pigeons of London UK and beyond. Such Beautiful and Amazing birds that deserve our respect and help. Without Pigeons There is Nothing!



Writer, poet, storyteller and independent environmentalist. Follow his blogObservations from a life in progress.



Our friends and colleagues at the Pigeon Recovery have introduced a fundraising project "Pawtraits of pets". London Wildlife Protection would like to share this and spread the word. They put over forty years of artistic experience and their love for all animals into every oil painting they do. More details here